About DesignIntelligence

There is much more to DesignIntelligence than the America's Top Ranked Architecture & Design School survey.

DesignIntelligence is an independent company that is dedicated to the business success of firms and organizations in architecture, engineering, construction (A/E/C) and design. Since 1994, we have helped firms, educational institutions, building product manufacturers, professional associations, and others in design to better understand the future, enabling them to run better organizations and do great work.

We support the success of our clients through the Design Futures Council leadership events and network; DesignIntelligence Strategic Advisors; public and privately commissioned studies conducted by DesignIntelligence Research; and the publishing of practical research and thought leadership in DesignIntelligence Media.

DesignIntelligence has conducted surveys to determine the top ranked schools in architecture and design since 1999.